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Takes minutes to restore

Most businesses dutifully switch out tapes every day and take weekly or monthly copies off-site when they remember, but if the server is lost, how long does it take to restore it?

With MCS Thunderhead Backup & Disaster Recovery, a major server loss
may only be a minor disruption of a few minutes.

With traditional backup, restoring a server requires ordering new hardware, installing the operating system and applications, loading data from tape drives, and crossing your fingers. Thunderhead backup allows a business to stand up a temporary new server in only a few minutes. See the Cloud backup recovery comparison below.

Cloud Backup for Disaster Recovery

Your data is backed-up to an onsite appliance and an off-site datacenter, so regardless of the type of disaster, your data is secure.

Restoring accidentally deleted files is simple to do. Roll back hours, days, or months. Automatic compression of backup data minimizes storage requirements.

As a Denver, Colorado company, we fully stand behind Thunderhead Backup and provide a range of services in monitoring, management, and remediation.

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How long does restoration take?

Restoring basic server functionality from tape or other backup methods can be a lengthy process. Of course, depending on your level of warranty, volume of data, and other variables, the amount of down time can significantly vary. The following are some guidelines:

Server Comparison Chart

Ordering a Server

Businesses with an active, same day warranty with their hardware manufacturer hope to have a technician onsite, with parts, within 4 hours. Replacing the broken parts of the server takes an additional 2 to 4 hours, so the server, without any data or functionality, could be up in as little 6 hours.

If a server isn’t covered under warranty, manufacturers can ship a new one in about 10 days.

Some businesses may choose to buy clone hardware and can receive it within 48 hours of a disaster. This hardware is usually of lesser quality and won’t include drivers. Restoring these software drivers can take as much as an additional 4 – 8 hours. That’s two days of downtime waiting for a replacement and an additional day for drivers.

Unpacking Server

A new server needs to be unboxed, racked, connected to the network and turned on. This process can take another 2 hours.

Installing the Operating System

The operating system can be downloaded from Microsoft and installed on the server. Assuming the operating system has already been downloaded, installing it can take up to an hour, if all goes well.

Restoring Data

The server’s data must be transferred from the tapes and written onto the server. Depending on the hardware being used and the amount of data, this can take hours or days. A good rule of thumb is that for every hour needed to back up a server, 2 hours will be needed to restore it.

Activate Virtual Backup

With Thunderhead backup, a client is installed on the designated emergency computer. When a disaster occurs, the system spins up a new virtual server that uses the data in the backup. The emergency computer acts as the intermediary to those systems and the data. This process takes between 5 and 30 minutes.

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