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Our Denver IT Services Expertise

As an experienced, professional Denver IT Services company, Mission Critical Systems has the IT project management experience to meet your needs. We've worked with hundreds of Denver businesses on thousands of projects, and we have the skills to make your project a success.

Denver IT Support

Mission Critical Systems is the IT department for many businesses in the Denver metro area. Our systematic process and advanced tools deliver a stable and innovative IT Services environment for our Outsourced IT Support clients.
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Rapid Assessment

Rapid Assessment

A second set of eyes can provide insight and perspective on current systems. Clients use our Rapid Assessment for this purpose.

Our standard Rapid Assessment is a quick look at IT infrastructure, end user experience, IT goals, networking, security, and stability. We examine both the back office and the way that the IT Environment is meeting or failing business requirements.

We can also customize a technology assessment to examine specific issues.
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Our expertise in server virtualization and desktop virtualization has helped us complete many virtualization projects under-budget, on-time, and over-expectations.

Whether you need to save money on hardware or maintenance, improve disaster recovery preparedness, or standardize end user experience, our we can help with Denver IT services.
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Disaster Recovery Planning IT Services

"93% of companies that lost their data for 10 days or more filed for bankruptcy within one year of the disaster, and 50% filed for bankruptcy immediately."

Disaster Recovery is an important part of IT Services and it goes much further than simple backup.

Our IT consultants can help build and implement a disaster recovery plan. We start by considering business requirements, then match risk tolerance with budget.
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SharePoint Development

SharePoint is one of the fastest growing Microsoft programs in history, and we’ve helped many businesses leverage this powerful tool.

Our Denver IT Services include:

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Document Management

Mission Critical Systems has a nation-wide reputation for successfully implementing document management systems for legal practices of 15 – 200 attorneys.

We work with:

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“ I have a simple business philosophy, I insist that all of the firm`s service providers and vendors treat us the same way we take care of our clients. Nothing short of that is acceptable, especially with regard to technology, because the service we deliver to our clients is absolutely dependent upon the integrity of our systems and their support. Our firm regards MCS as a critical business partner and they have never let us down. ”