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Rapid Assessment

We bring stability, security, and productivity to IT by starting with a solid understanding of the client’s current situation and needs.

We call the process of gathering the information and the resulting independent report a Rapid Assessment.

Why use a Rapid Assessment?

We use Rapid Assessments to make intelligent, well-informed recommendations to our prospective clients. The process helps us to understand fully our client’s business needs and the risks of their IT systems.

A Rapid Assessment gives us perspective in prioritizing remediation work and alerting our clients to emergency situations. It is also our first chance to document the systems, which gives us firmer footing in responding to issues.

What do you find?

We’ve used Rapid Assessments for several years, and we’ve uncovered a wide range of issues for clients. Some issues like misconfigurations and over-licensing are not critical threats to the business, but others are.

Recently, we uncovered that the client hadn’t had a successful backup in 3 months. The business owner said that if the server had crashed, he would have had to declare bankruptcy.

Another Rapid Assessment uncovered that the network was improperly designed. Quick reconfiguration improved Internet speeds to the workstations by tenfold.

What is included?

During a Rapid Assessment, our Senior Engineer will come on-site to learn about the prospective client’s front office requirements, back office systems, and strategic goals.

Our Senior Engineer will first look for emergency issues or red flags such as failed backups, security threats, or impending crashes. He will also document the system and the business requirements. A written report on the Rapid Assessment is delivered a few days later.

What is the cost?

Rapid Assessments are appropriate for businesses with a server, network, and workstations. Companies with 10 to 150 employees are good candidates for the process.

Smaller businesses will need less time than larger businesses. The consulting time required usually ranges between 2 and 6 hours, but large companies with specific needs may require more.

We offer the first 2 hours of Rapid Assessment consulting time FREE for prospective Denver-Metro businesses with a server and needs for ongoing IT support. Contact us for a specific amount.

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*2 hours of Rapid Assessment consutling time is offered free of charge for prospective Denver-Metro businesses with a server and needs for ongoing IT support. Rapid Assessments may require additional billable hours.

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