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Achieving Front Office Innovation

IT support should make your front office sizzle with productivity and efficiency. Too often, though, there's a disconnect between IT and the business processes its supposed to improve.

Making sure the computer works is only one part of the picture. Making sure it works to effect maximum workplace output in the minimum amount of time is what true IT support in Denver is all about.


Good Front Office IT Management leads to productivity and profitability

Our IT support Denver clients, know this equation well. Front office innovation makes companies more productive and more profitable. It creates competitive advantages and distinction in the market place.

Mission Critical Systems offers the very best in innovative Denver IT support. Here's how we help you translate IT support into front office employee productivity:

  1. Software Training - Training encourages adoption and speeds the ROI for new IT systems, including Microsoft Office training.
  2. Collaboration - Innovative IT support can create forums for discussion, brainstorming, and communication with MS Exchange and SharePoint. Enhance email, instant messaging, and remote working environments.
  3. Document Management - Spend less time searching for lost documents and more time finding exactly what you need instantaneously with document management solutions through such MCS partners as Digitech, SharePoint, and Interwoven.
  4. Automate Business Processes - Many small processes can be automated through common technology most companies already possess. Larger, or more important processes can require a business process management (BPM) system. Mission Critical Systems works with each client to fit their business case within budget using certain solution providers as SharePoint, Exchange, Digitech, and Metastorm.

Questions for the Front Office

  1. What applications tie to the company's strategic needs?
  2. Are these the right choices given both today's needs, and tomorrow's projected requirements?
  3. How can these applications be customized, made more robust, or otherwise improved to meet requirements both present and future?
  4. Do users possess the right skill sets to maximize their efficiency on these applications?
  5. Where can training boost skill sets, and how best can it be presented to minimize disruption while maximizing learning?
  6. What, if any, work currently being done manually can be automated or virtualized?

Don't let your front office take a back seat!

IT support doesn't sit on the sidelines when it comes to making employees more productive, automating business processes, and improving client experience. Mission Critical Systems provides expert assistance to create innovative front offices that meet the demanding requirements of small business.

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