Back Office IT Management

Office technology must be stable and reliable. "Sorry" doesn't cut it when critical business performance is on the line. The Mission Critical Systems IT services program is set up to ensure up time, all the time. This is the highest priority for every client, and the central goal of our IT services at Mission Critical Systems.

Unfortunately, many Denver IT services companies struggle to keep a stable environment. A few minor mistakes lead to an office full of end users killing time while someone makes an emergency call to the vendor. Inconsistent deliverables lead to exponential expenses for the client.

How our IT Services Succeed

Talent alone isn't sufficient to provide stable, dependable, secure, and safe IT systems. Genius alone is fickle and leads to inconsistent results. The key is in the process, not the talent. The routine tasks in IT management need to be handled in a routine way.

Of course our engineers have certifications, expertise, and experience in all of the systems they support, but their talent alone doesn't determine their effectiveness. Best practices, documentation, and other standards and policies play a large role.

Our IT Services System includes:

  1. LiveDOC management - Our proprietary documentation and management system handles ticketing, maintenance history, billing, and periodic updates through the same database. Clients and engineers alike can instantly grasp strategy and position with a quick glance at the dashboard and to-do list.
  2. Managed Services - If trouble occurs, the network notifies our emergency response team immediately, sometimes before the client become aware.
  3. Help desk tickets - Mining help desk calls can be extremely useful in spotting systemic trouble. Our LiveDOC system makes a record of all help desk calls, and we review them in our quarterly status reports. They are often the canary in the coal mine for catastrophic failure.

Rock Solid Back Office

In the long run, IT Strategies and visition are also very important to delivering back office stability. A good Denver IT services plan corrects for anticipated trouble, while a break/fix mentality simply hopes for the best. Planning lowers costs and improves performance.

Front Office Innovation also can lead to a more stable environment. If end users have better tools and if more processes are automated through better technology, then the core IT systems won’t be overburdened with excess traffic and expectations.

Find out how Mission Critical Systems can help you achieve and maintain a stable business environment, giving you a definitive leg up on the competition in these decidedly unstable and uncertain times.

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