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You come into your office, turn on your computer, and it works.

Computer network services is bigger than preventing brushfires and meltdowns. It’s bigger than simply providing a stable environment that stays out of the way. computer network services isn’t just back office stability. It’s also front office and board room innovation.

We approach computer network management from three angles that are critically interdependent. Without addressing all of these needs, the IT management client, regardless of size, will be underserved.

Strategic IT Planning

Our system is driven by proactive strategy, not reactive break/fix mentality. Our IT strategic planning process aligns with overall business strategy to drive better business processes.

Strategy begins with the Director of IT Services (DITS). The DITS consults with the client regularly in a planning meeting called the Quarterly Status Report. In these meetings, we review what happened in the past quarter and make plans for meeting IT management goals in the next quarter.

We look at budgets, exceptions, growth, and changes. The DITS brings innovative ideas and listens to the client to ensure that IT management plans are aligned with business plans.
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Our IT Tools - Video

Mission Critical LiveDOC provides valuable reporting tools to help manage how your employees use your IT systems. Click on the video below for a demonstration of LiveDOC.

Front Office Innovation

Good strategic planning leads to a stable, innovative front office. The company does more with less, and the client is better served.

The DITS consults with management and end users to recommend and implement software and systems that make the business more efficient and effective. We work with Document Management Systems, SharePoint Development, and other IT Services and systems to address front office needs.

In some cases simple training classes can increase the ROI of an IT investment. Our full service Denver Computer Training Center ensures that end users are getting the most out of their Microsoft Office software, custom applications and on-site and private training.
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Back Office Stability

Front office requirements lead to a planned, but evolving back office. This means stability, security, and scalability. IT interruptions are the rare exception, not the norm.

The assigned IT management consultant comes on-site in regularly scheduled visits to perform preventative maintenance and respond to non-emergency requests. Most clients develop relationships with these consultants and come to depend on them.

Between IT consultant visits, we monitor critical systems with Managed IT Support. Software on servers reports back to a dedicated technician about the vital signs of each system. Within 6 minutes of a server going down, our managed services consultant can know about it and begin remediating the problem remotely.
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