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Strategic IT planning is key to stable, cost-effective IT— no matter what business size or industry. It controls expenses, virtually eliminates surprises, magnifies the value of IT investment…and brings peace of mind. Strategic IT planning is the primary delineator between a break/fix organization that views IT as a utility and one that employs IT as a competitive asset.

Denver-based Mission Critical Systems believes passionately in the process of strategic IT planning to align technology with business goals and processes. But this planning doesn't end with a stagnant document.

After we create an initial planning process on paper, we test it for viability and shortcomings. Then, we revise as warranted to achieve IT that aligns perfectly with, and supports, business goals and needs.

Strategic IT Planning in Quarterly Cycles

After years of experience, we've found our clients that use strategic IT planning will get better value for their IT investment, have more stable systems, and are more likely to think of IT as a resource instead of a hassle.

Our four-point process addresses strategic, front office and back office needs. Here's how we get you to heroic performance levels:

1. Strategize and Align
IT Management Strategy

Every client is assigned a Director of IT Services to manage planning and execution. The Director of Information Technology Services "DITS" works with the client to define current IT infrastructure status, problem areas, and goals to align the strategic IT planning with the business plan i.e. growth, moves, evolving needs.

2. Implement Plan
IT Management Plan

The objectives defined in the quarterly strategic planning session are pursued through well defined projects and routine tasks oriented around the established goals.

3. Evaluate Results
IT Management Results

We measure our results through help desk tickets, project completion, and employee productivity gains. If projects were over budget or under budget, what was the cause? Did those projects impact the company in the way we expected, and to the extent anticipated?

4. Plan for the Next Quarter
IT Management Future

At the ensuing quarterly service review, we address successes and failures, and put into place needed improvements— beginning the process again for the next quarter.


We engage new clients through our Technology Assessment process - essentially, phase one of our strategic planning. For more information, please contact us.

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