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When it comes to server virtualization, VMware is the name everyone knows and trusts. That’s why VMware server virtualization is essentially standard technology for nearly every IT environment.

With memory over-commit technology, DRS, memory ballooning, transparent page sharing, and thin provisioning, Vmware has the tools for getting the most from virtualized servers. It is the obvious choice for P2V (Physical to Virtual) and new virtual server deployment.

VMware is the market leader in server virtualization because of its:

  • Higher server consolidation ratio
  • More robust server virtualization platform
  • Lower cost of server administration
  • Better server performance
  • Faster deployment of servers
  • Business continuity functionality

VMware services

We've helped many businesses save tens of thousands of dollars using VMware server virtualization. Whether you are consolidating servers, or managing virtual server sprawl, we can help. Please contact us for more information.

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