Application Virtualization

Virtual Application Technology

Businesses use virtualization to provide stable and secure access to mission critical applications in a device and operating system independent way. Our application virtualization consulting covers everything from choosing the correct technologies to implementing and maintaining these systems.

In its simplest form, application virtualization allows access to a native application without installing it locally on a computer or device. Because the application processes on the server level, the device itself is largely irrelevant. This decreases hardware costs, makes IT more flexible and accessible on a wider variety of systems, and centralizes processing and data to improve speed and security.

There are many ways to virtualize an application. Choosing the right methodology can determine the success or failure of the project. We can help you choose the right technology and keep your project on track.

Our work with application virtualization

We help companies match their business needs with the right technologies. Because of our deep experience with Citrix, Microsoft, and VMware, we can advise and implement a solution that fits your business and your requirements.

Contact us to see how application virtualization can help you:

  • Access data from anywhere on any device
  • Improve security and disaster recovery preparedness by centralizing data
  • Lower administrative and hardware costs

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