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Log in to your desktop from any device, anywhere with a network connection for remote, secure, and convenient access to your data and tools using Virtual Desktop technology.

With a virtual desktop, the server holds the data and does all of the processing. The end point device (workstation, laptop, or tablet) just displays the image and transmits the clicks and keystrokes. Virtualization decouples the desktop from the hardware.

End users have an identical experience and interface, but the data and processing takes place in the controlled environment of the server room.

What is the impact of Desktop Virtualization?

Desktop Virtualization allows businesses to instantly provision desktops to local and remote users. Deploying new software is also simplified. IT can update and test a new desktop image and push it out to workstations without having to visit any of the workstations.

Remote users can have an identical experience to employees in the office by logging in from any computer with secure internet connectivity. Employees in branch offices, working from home, or in a hotel can have the same access as if they were in the office.

Control access to business information and resources. If an employee leaves the company, or a laptop is lost at a coffee shop, IT can instantly secure access with a few clicks.

MCS Desktop Virtualization

We help businesses stabilize and standardize with desktop virtualization. Whether your business needs it only for remote access or you want an entirely virtualized environment, we have the expertise to make it a success.

We consult on, plan, and implement desktop virtualization initiatives with Citrix XenDesktop, VMware View, and Microsoft RDS. If workstation issues, help desk calls, remote access, or other problems are interrupting business, MCS Desktop Virtualization can help.

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