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Microsoft Virtual Technology

The biggest name in software wants to help your business with the biggest trend in IT. Virtualization of desktops and servers using Microsoft technology is inexpensive and fast, and Mission Critical Systems can help.

Microsoft Server Virtualization with Hyper-V

Microsoft's Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 provides an optimized and reliable server virtualization solution, allowing clients to reduce costs through improved server utilization. Hyper-V is a bare-metal virtualization solution that allows IT professionals to leverage existing provisioning, patching, management, skills, and support tools.

As a dedicated stand-alone product, Hyper –V has a small footprint and very little overhead, leaving more resources for the guests. It features cluster shared volume support, expanded processor and memory support for host systems, and live migration.

Microsoft Desktop Virtualization

Like Microsoft Hyper-V, Remote Desktop Services (RDS) from Microsoft provides a flexible, mobile workspace for end users regardless of physical location or device. This desktop virtualization solution provides users a rich, in-office experience on a wide range of end point devices, including access to 3D graphics, high quality audio, and a wide range of USB peripherals.

  • A trusted name in software provides a well-supported solution
  • Low startup cost (or even free) for Windows Environments
  • Fundamental technology for other products and solutions

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